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Feasting on the flesh of dead
they've lured more to their homestead;
never thinking once to dread
those that put them now to bed.

Eyes are roving,
mouth watering,
knives unsheathing,
teeth glist-en-ing.

Swift as Dash, a scarlet slash
'cross the walls you watch crimson dash.

Stallions, fillies, mares, and colts,
all fuelling the cannibal cult.

The Light Bringer uncovers the plight,
to these demons now brings the fight!
Little Pip will not forgive
the twisted fiends who choose to live
on flesh and blood of pony kin;
even in the wasteland, a horrid sin.

Zebra rifle firing,
her eyes are rolling wildly.
Corrupted kindness here to save, but lost within the battle haze.

None escape her mindless rage,
all logic lost beneath the haze,
red tinting every single hue.
In her head she hears the sound
of all the heartbeats growing loud;
from the crowd, none are saved
her rifle using every round.

Drenched in blood she looks, ashamed.
Fillies,colts, look around,
at the bloody body of their town.
To her they look to place the blame
of their parents who lay now slain.
This makes the Sweet Apple Massacre look tame.
Listening to "Massacre at Arbu" in my math class, the first part of these lyrics came into mind...thinking about maybe actually putting these lyrics on the song if I can find a voice changer, my voice is not the best for the style that I imagine this in....
:update: Changed the lyrics, added some more to them, and made them flow a bit better.
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Submitted on
January 15, 2013
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